• 10+
    • Average years of service of consultants
    • 90%+
    • Receipt rate
    • 200+
    • Domestic professional IP consulting service institutions
    • 1+5
    • 1 international standard 5 national standards
    • 37000+
    • Case service experience
    Under the tide of knowledge economy, intellectual property has become the key to influence the development of enterprises and even the rise and fall of industries with its tendency of combining legal action and commercial market power. By integrating the international advanced intellectual property management experience and the management practice of domestic excellent enterprises, Sichuan Standard Professional helps customers to establish and consolidate the competitive advantage of intellectual property, and creates the "blue ocean" of intellectual property competition. Established in 2020, Sichuan Standard Specialized focuses on providing customers with global high-value patent cultivation and operation services, that is, through core patent layout, patent quality improvement, patent management and control system optimization and other cultivation measures, optimize the patent application structure for customers, and form a high-value patent portfolio. It also provides strategic advice and practical support for clients to carry out various forms of patent asset operation on a global scale.